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Herb Harvest

Not quite crafts, but due to demand, I have decided to start up my herb side of my activities.  It has been a good year for my herbs, I think maybe it may be the dry weather we have had - a lot of my herbs are the mediteranean type, which prefer the weather on the dryer side.  I have listed some below if you want to contact me with any requests, I can deliver in the West Area of Cornwall. m: 07941 226714.

I am reseaching into buying plastic packs - to enable them to be posted. Thanks Christina.




Foeniculum vulgare
Perennial ~ Height 1.5-2m ~ Hardy
A tall, handsome herb with soft green feathery leaves and large umbels of yellow flowers in late summer. The whole plant has an anise flavour.
Both the leaves and seeds are used in a variety of dishes including fish, stir fry and rice dishes, pork and salads. A tea can be made from the crushed seeds.
Herb plant Fennel

Bay leaf

Laurus nobilis
Perennial ~ Height 3-10m ~ Hardy
An evergreen shrub or tree with dark green oval leaves and creamy yellow flower clusters in spring. A first rate culinary herb.
Fresh or dried leaves are ideal for stews and casseroles or flavouring marinades.
Herb plant Bay


Allium schoenoprasum
Perennial ~ Height 30cm ~ Hardy
A clump forming herb with slender bulbs, cylindrical hollow leaves and pretty pink to purple globe shaped flowers in late spring or early summer. The leaves and flowers have a mild onion flavour.
Fresh leaves can be snipped into salads or used for butter, sauces, soups and vegetable, egg or cheese dishes.
For culinary use it is preferable to prevent flowering by cutting off flower buds - this will encourage leafy growth. However, the flowers are edible.
Herb plant Chives

Common Mint

Mentha spicata
Perennial ~ Height 30-60cm ~ Hardy
The classic garden mint with mid-green spearmint scented leaves followed by small mauve flower spikes in mid to late summer.
The leaves have a good flavour for general culinary use in sauces, soups, salads, vegetable dishes, sweet dishes and drinks.
Herb plant Mint, Spearmint (Garden Mint)

Oregano (Wild Marjoram)

Origanum vulgare
Perennial ~ Height 45-60cm ~ Hardy
The dark green leaves of oregano have a strong flavour. Ideal for pizza's and pasta dishes. They are oval, aromatic and followed by clusters of dark purple-pink flowers in mid to late summer.
Use the leaves with meat or vegetables. They are particularly good in Mediterranean dishes.
Herb plant Oregano (Wild Marjoram)

Mint, Chocolate

Mentha x piperita citrata 'Chocolate'
Perennial ~ Height 40cm ~ Hardy
A compact and rich peppermint with dark brown/purple leaves and the smell of After Eight Mints. Purple flowers appear from summer through to autumn. A good container herb.
The leaves can be used in tea, iced tea and salads and are also good in deserts.
Herb plant Mint, Chocolate

Mint, Apple (variegated)

Mentha suaveolens
Perennial ~ Height 60cm-1m ~ Hardy
Apple mint's oval leaves are soft, slightly furry and, as its name suggests, scented with apple. Pink to white flowers follow in summer.
The leaves have a subtle taste. Good for mint sauce and jelly and also for adding to vegetables and salads.

Parsley, Curled

Petroselinum crispum
Biennial ~ Height 30-60cm ~ Hardy
Curled parsley has distinctive bright green, curly, serrated leaves. Umbels of yellow-green flowers follow in the second year.
This herb is widely used as a garnish or to flavour dressings, butters, sauces and stuffings. It is a good source of vitamins and iron.
Parsley leaves coarsen in the second year so for culinary use it is best grown as an annual.
Herb plant Parsley, Curled


Rosmarinus officinalis
Perennial ~ Height up to 2m ~ Frost Hardy
An aromatic evergreen perennial shrub with upright branches. The leaves are short, dark green and needle-shaped. Small pale blue flowers appear from early spring to early summer.
Rosemary adds flavour to meat dishes, particularly lamb. It is a good all rounder - sprigs can be added to stews in the winter or to the barbeque in summer. It also combines well with tomato based sauces, can be used for oils, vinegars, marinades or to make a tea.
Leaves and flowers can be added to pot pourri and insect repellent sachets.
Herb plant Rosemary, Pink


Salvia officinalis (broad leaved variety)
Perennial ~ Height 60-70cm ~ Hardy
A strongly flavoured evergreen herb with a shrubby habit. This is the non-flowering variety which has aromatic grey-green leaves. Lack of flowering shoots means that the bush remains dense with attractive grey leafy shoots all year round.
Sage goes well with meat dishes, especially pork. The leaves can also be used in savoury stuffings or to make tea.
Herb plant Sage


Rumex acetosa
Perennial ~ Height 60cm-1.2m ~ Hardy
This is the large or broad leaved form which has pale green stems and thick lance shaped green leaves. Small, inconspicuous greenish brown flowers appear in spikes from early summer.
The leaves have a distinctive lemony flavour. Young leaves are excellent in soups and sauces or can be added to salads.
Herb plant Sorrel

Thyme, Common Compact

Thymus vulgaris compactus
Perennial ~ Height 30cm ~ Hardy
An essential ingredient of bouquet garni and many French dishes, common thyme has small mid-green aromatic leaves and pink-mauve flowers in summer.
It is also good for soups, marinades, oils, vinegars, stuffing, casseroles, baked vegetables and tea. Dried leaves can be added to pot pourri.
Herb plant Thyme, Common

Oregano, Country Cream

Origanum vulgare 'Country Cream'
Perennial ~ Height 30-40cm ~ Hardy
Country Cream has very attractive cream and green variegated leaves with masses of pretty pink flowers in summer.
Use the leaves in Greek, Italian and Mexican recipes. Both the leaves and flowers can be used to make tea.

Herb plant Oregano, Country Cream

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