Thursday, 22 November 2012

Upholstery, Latest project

My latest project, I have purchased an antique chair, I will be making repairs and upholster the chair, replacing the work material with something modern and attractive. Kind of an 'old meets new' look.

I will be showing pictures shortly to show the 'work in progress', so watch this space....

I have read up about the subject, so if you would like some advise. Or if you have a piece of furniture that you require upholstering, please contact me for a quote.

This is my first project, I would be able to advise you of my experience - if you require advise on upholstery.

Thank you!

ps Please note, pictures will follow shortly....

Setting up a BLOG

 If you need assistance 'setting up a NEW BLOG', please contact me so that I can assist you in your new business set up, or advertising on the internet.  You can email me at  or tel: 07941 226714.  I have considerable experience - as you can see from my BLOG. Thank-you Christina